Personal Counseling

We deliver a wide range of counseling.

Our counselors will actually come TO you and provide very personalized, one-on-one service. I realize this method may seem surprising at first, but we have delivered tens of thousands of hours in this way and our clients find it exceptionally rewarding. Here is some of their feedback:

“I now feel that I really can experience life. It is sort of today like being awakened in a Disney movie where I just want to experience all that I have been missing. I am eager to use my new abilities to reach my fullest potential as a human being…to head my business to reach its fullest potential; to rear my children so that they reach their fullest potential, to assist my husband to be his fullest potential and truly be a friend to others.” — C.P.


“My physical health has improved, my ability to feel relaxed has improved, and I like knowing I am in charge of both. I go into work with a smile, drive home with a smile. Being in control is much more fun than riding along.” — D.H.

From a 13 year old:

“I got a new outlook on life. I see ways to be happy and functional in my family and school. I see how to be confident, and let little things ‘roll off my back.’ I can now move forward and become a better sister, daughter and all around person to everyone in all aspects of my life. I am no longer angry.” — H.H.

After Marriage Counseling: 

“For the first time since I can remember, the future truly looks bright in all aspects of my life.  I feel so much in love with my husband all over again with the chance for a new beginning.”

If you are interested, take our free personality test. I will contact you and go over the results. This test will provide you and me an extremely accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses.

Note: We are currently delivering in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. If you are located elsewhere, please contact me first.

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