How To Hire The Right People

With so many people looking for jobs, hiring should be easier. But it’s not.

Hiring the wrong person can get very expensive:

  • Lost wages
    • ​Lost revenue from poor performance
      • The effect bad hires have on morale

Hiring people who are competent, who get along with others, who treat your customers well, who show a bit of loyalty and hang in there with you—well, you know what this can do for your business.

I'm Stan Dubin, ​and I've been helping companies hire better staff for the last eight years. After writing 140 articles and delivering 120 podcast shows on hiring, I decided to put my best material into a book.

It is now published and ready to help you hire the right people!

Sometimes we can just sit across from someone and know they are going to be a great addition to the business. We have a gut instinct about it. And we often make the right decision. But there are times when our gut instinct didn’t quite work out for us.

I believe we all have the ability to make good hiring decisions. I would never criticize one’s gut instinct on these things. But I also believe this:

The more you know about someone BEFORE you hire them, the better your hiring decision will be. And when you make better hiring decisions,

   • Your staff produce more.

   • They get along better.

   • Your customers do more business with you.

And that’s why I wrote How To Hire The Right People. Not to replace your gut instincts, but to give you tools to use before, during and after the hiring interview. Keep using your gut instinct. Just add these tools to improve your success rate.

Let's talk about what's inside How To Hire The Right People.

  • ​How many times have you interviewed someone and you couldn't believe how different they were a few weeks down the road? Quite a shock in some cases, right? The book delivers over thirty ways to help you with this.
  • How to present your company so you know they will be a good fit.

  • How important is hiring the right salesperson? We devote six chapters to help you get it right!​
  • ​What if someone you’re interviewing just rubs you the wrong way…but you think they’ll do a good job?
  • ​How much should you rely on the résumé?
  • Which is more important: skills or attitude?​

​The book answers all of these questions and many more.

It all adds up to answer a vital question: Do you have the right person?

Because when you do, running a business is a helluva lot more enjoyable and rewarding.

How To Hire The Right People will increase the likelihood of you getting it right.​ One hire after another.

We have several ways to get the book: Kindle, iBooks and Nook. If you're not familiar with any of those, you can get our PDF version. All of them are the same price: $9.99.

Get your copy now and start hiring the right people!

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