Counseling Feedback

“I am very happy and excited about completing this program. Before I was feeling overwhelmed more and more frequently. People perceived that I was quite successful because of my outward appearance, family, children and I had a growing business; however, inside I knew full well that frequently I wasn’t happy. I was beginning to feel like I was running in circles and that I had no way to really make the changes I needed to make.

“It is sort of today like being awakened in a Disney movie where I just want to experience all that I have been missing. I am eager to use my new abilities to reach my fullest potential as a human being ... to head my business to reach its fullest potential; to rear my children so that they reach their fullest potential, to assist my husband to be his fullest potential and truly to be a friend to others.” — C.P.

“My experience has been beyond verbal description because of the mental energy it has freed up/released. I now have a better awareness of my environment, the people that affect me, and better yet how I can affect others. I have unleashed tons of old baggage that my life experience has provided me with, and I can now begin reaching higher and going further.” — P.S.

“The program did meet my expectations in many ways and exceeded them in others. Many pieces of baggage I have carried for years were able to drop off. I feel I can now begin to open new doors, to let fresh air and light back into my life, and not be afraid to breathe deeply.” — J.B.

“As a business owner, I am always looking for a way to grow my business, as well as myself personally. The program brought to the surface things I had hidden away to forget. Little did I know that some of these ‘little things’ had a great impact on how I progressed through life. When I finally realized this I was excited. My body felt immediate relief. I felt as though I could really speak for myself and not just say and do the way I thought others wanted me to.

"Things that bothered me before, now just roll off like water rolling off a duck’s back. I feel I can handle anything.

“Watch out World!!” — L.S.

“Prior to this program, many around me had considered me a success; however, I knew, and have always known, that I should be more successful. I could feel inhibitions and fears which caused me to withdraw from situations that I knew that I should handle. I had also noticed a significant decline in my confidence which I did not understand. My level of intimacy with my wife, although when it happened, was too few and far between. There was so much that I knew I had to accomplish, but my abilities seemed to be faltering—fiscally, physically and emotionally.

“I now have no fear or inhibition as before, and I feel so ready to tackle my goals as they are now very real. Not only are specific fears gone, I now know how to recognize when I am allowing something to hold me back — as well as what to do! I am very empowered to not only achieve goals, but also to communicate those goals to others in such a way that they climb aboard and enjoy the ride!

“I have constantly searched for technologies that would improve my abilities to perform and achieve. None, until now, have had a significant impact.” —W.B.

“When I started this program 4 days ago I felt depressed, hopeless, fatigued, physically worn down and mentally a mess. My mind was cluttered and full of guilt, shame, remorse and bad feelings.

“I feel I have made great progress and that I am physically rested, mentally alive and uncluttered. I have been able to dig through my past, see it for what it was and come to the realization that I can leave it there and move forward.

“I am not depressed, tired and hopeless rather I am a responsible person who is eager to return to my everyday living and interacting with my family, friends and co-workers.

“I have been relieved of my bad feelings and have been able to focus on communication with others. I see how important this is to everyday life and relationships.”

“Thank you.” — K.O.

“I started this process with a little faith and trust. But after going through the steps, I now know that this is for real. It’s hard to write and explain how I really truly feel because I don’t think any words can describe how I feel right now.” — M.U.

"Over the last four days I have come to a multitude of realizations that I know will profoundly help me be a happier person. And what's even more is that I know I will not lose the happiness that I have gained over this time period.

“I am confident that I am being directed by sincere, professional, competent and committed people.

“I have achieved the ability to concentrate in a manner I have never ever had before." — D.K.

“I feel like I have a new outlook on my surroundings.

“We have successfully handled many different aspects of myself including eating problems, sleeping problems, relationship problems and illness problems.

“I feel ‘lighter’ like a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders. It has specifically helped me also with the loss of a loved one and has answered A LOT of questions that I have had about myself over the years.” —M.R.

“My handling of work situations has gone from procrastination to complete control. I go into work with a smile, drive home with a smile. Being in control is much more fun than riding along. My interactions with others at work, home, anywhere, is taken from a different point of view.

“My relationship with my wife has improved. My relationship with my father exists for the first time in two years, and I feel like I am a larger participant in it.

“My physical health has improved, my ability to feel relaxed has improved, and I like knowing I am in charge of both.”
— D.H.

“When I started this program, I did not know much about it. What I found out was the process was very liberating. Instead of being bogged down with confusing advice and ideas, I became less bogged down and more clear on how to handle life. I now feel very at cause for myself and my surroundings. The other thing that I discovered was how all the answers were within myself. Yet another way to say how much potential and goodness is within the human.” — C.K.

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