Hatting Your Staff


We have two methods to help your staff apply the administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

If your company has a course room:

We have approved course materials available for immediate delivery.

If you do not have a course room:

Our “self-contained” workbooks will walk your staff through the materials. These workbooks do not require a supervisor.

Here’s a bit of feedback:

“I have seen dramatic changes in employees who, when given the opportunity, come up with great ideas to handle what isn’t going right in their area. I recommend it to everyone; it puts staff more on purpose.”


“I have learned that I must believe in my employer and her company. That I can and will support her and encourage the staff to do the same by my example. I know what my final product is and how to give abundant exchange to generate growth in myself, my family and our practice.”


“I am going to use everything that I learned and apply it to my life, both personal and professional. I feel this has really helped me to feel more confident and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the whole thing.”


“The whole staff seems happier and less stressed since we started this.”

When people use the right tools in the workplace, things go better. Often a lot better.

Staff are more productive.

More cooperative.

The business is more profitable.

Give me a call or email me, and I’ll send you more specifics on what’s covered.

Stan Dubin

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