Let’s Talk Scientology! – Show #15 — Interview With Pat Clouden

Show Notes:

The best way to find out about Scientology is to go to Scientology.org. A new site that is now available is the Scientology Network. Here you can learn more about what Scientology is and how it is helping millions of people…every day.

Today’s guest on the show is Pat Clouden. I’ve known Pat for many years. He’s a very successful businessman with a view to always helping others. In the interview, we hear more about this, including his steady support of the Foundation for a Drug Free World.

We talked about how Scientology has helped Pat in his personal life, in his marriage and in bringing up his children. He mentions how the management technology of L. Ron Hubbard has been a major factor in helping him succeed in the business world. He also talked about The Purification Rundown.

Feel free to check out all of those links!

You can read more about Pat and reach him here.

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