Rehabilitating An Executive


Consider your answers to these questions:

​​When you get up every morning, how excited are you about going to work?

Very excited? Sort of excited?

Are you showing up because you have to show up?

Do you take vacations to get "recharged" but you don't stay recharged for very long?

Do you feel your passionate days are behind you?

When an executive or business owner's drive and passion drops off, two things happen:

1) His performance takes a hit.

2) His personal well being suffers. This often spills over into his family and personal life.​ (Usually he's the only one who knows just how bad it gets.)

Some of us are really good at hiding this and can still perform at a fairly high level. For awhile. But eventually it catches up.​

Here's a bit of good news.​

We know the precise factors behind reduced drive and performance. 

Over the course of your business life, you've put enormous effort into making things go right. You've put in long hours. You've made sacrifices. 

But here's the problem.

At the same time, you've accumulated losses.

You wanted to accomplish X and you fell short. Maybe a relationship ended poorly and is still dragging on you. ​Or you did a few things you regret.

Maybe you swallowed your pride one too many times. Or a major decision went really bad.​

I could give you more examples, but I think you get the idea.​ 

This next point is very important:

These accumulated losses are having a major impact on you 
in present time. 

You can try to wish this stuff away. You can suppress it. You can be strong and just move forward.

Or you can take a shot at working with someone who is trained to deal with this stuff. If you do, the end result is restored drive and vitality

Here is my suggestion to you:

Fill out our personality profile.​ We'll call and go over the results with you. We won't pull any punches. You'll find out with considerable precision what is holding you back.

Be excruciatingly honest when you fill out this profile. We'll be spending 1-2 hours on the phone and your insights will be in direct proportion to how honest you are about yourself. Answer the questions in present time—not how you'd like to view yourself or how you were in the past.

Take the personality profile here.